We believe in long-term, trust-based relationships, and only work with clients for whom we can add significant value. 

Our process is thorough and rigorous and goes something like this...

Getting To Know You

First, we’ll chat on a no-obligation basis, getting to know each other and determining if we can add real value. 

If it makes sense for you and us to continue the conversation,  we’ll confirm financial and other details and establish the level and extent of your situation and needs, and hence the level and extent of consulting service required, and provide an estimate of fees. We’ll delve deeply into what’s important to you – dreams, goals, objectives and needs, relationships and values. From our experience this stage is likely to be the most rewarding, and possibly the most challenging, because it will go to the very heart of “what matters most” to you. 

Engaging and Planning

We’ll agree our ‘nature & scope of services’ for you and our fees. Once engaged, we’ll analyse your situation, goals and objectives. In most cases, this will include detailed modelling of likely outcomes, based on your goals, preferences and comfort with risk and volatility. We’ll make recommendations on the best approach to take, and the best way to implement. We’ll also provide comments and general guidance on other key areas such as asset & estate planning and personal risk.

We’ll then deliver our analysis and recommendations to you in a clear and understandable holistic financial plan – where you are now, where you want to be, and how to get there. This may be in person or online, depending on where you live. It may involve feedback before we present the final version.

Making It happen - implementing our recommendations

We’ll then make a ‘mutual commitment’ to work together. This will include us helping you complete the paperwork and co-ordinating other professionals.  We’ll agree the services to be provided ongoing.

We partner with other professional advisers as and when required to provide a seamless, integrated service. These include your accountant and lawyer and others including insurance brokers, estate planning experts, pension transfer specialists and mortgage specialists.

Keeping You On Track - providing regular progress meetings and updates, ongoing service and support

The plan is only the start of your journey. Even the best-designed plans need regular checks and adjustments as changes in your situation, goals and objectives (and the wider world) may require changes to your plan. We’ll meet with you regularly – at least yearly – to review how you’re progressing to achieving your goals. Our checklist approach will help you ensure all key aspects are covered off. We’ll also work with the other professional advisers to make any changes. Above all, we’ll be your ‘source of wise counsel’, your impartial guide.